takyoji 2013年1月21日 23時44分
WebKit HTML5 Video
I've noticed that the videos for product page of games require Flash, therefore can't be played under Linux (for now; until it can properly use the Adobe Flash Linux plugin). Instead of hassling with Flash under Linux, it would be best to replace the player with an HTML5 equivalent as a fallback, and have the videos additionally re-enocded as WebM, rather than having to deal with licensing fees for H.264 playback.

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gutigen o) 2013年1月22日 1時37分 
r3pek | ArchLinux 2013年1月25日 3時43分 
Killjoy 2013年1月27日 10時41分 
+1 also.
instabilis 2013年1月27日 10時56分 
You can install the 32-bit Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe website[get.adobe.com]. Note that Flash does have a tendency to crash or lock-up Steam on occasion, this true on Windows also.

Last I checked both Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari 5+ only support MP4, most likely because both Microsoft and Apple have shares in it, while all modern browsers (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera) support WebM.
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Pocket 2013年2月6日 16時34分 
It's standard procedure nowadays to have multiple versions of each video file with a check for which browser is using them, on the rare occasion the webmaster bothers with HTML 5 video at all. The trailers are probably already in MP4 format, on the servers, so they might as well include that version for the sake of compatibility.

Does anyone know which format(s) Steam's built-in browser supports?
Pocket 2013年2月9日 20時18分 
I finally submitted this as a feature request on their GitHub, and their rep said it's "in the plans": https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/1499
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blackout24 2013年2月10日 1時18分 
Good to hear. I can't think of any other way of fixing this anyway. They ship 32-bit flashplayer with STEAM_RUNTIME but it is extremely slow while I can playback HD flash videos without problems in my browser with the native 64 bit flashplugin.
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