Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

ThOR27 2012년 12월 8일 오전 8시 33분
Improve independency of distros

To steam improve independence of distros, you should distribute steam at least in one extra form that is not package manager dependent, such as with or a plain .tar.gz

The second part to improve this a LOT it would be a formal written permission to anyone repackage Steam for you own distribution. more about this here:

Remove all "apt-get" related stuff from scripts. Unfortunately is pretty hard to guess package names for every distribution around.

All dependencies should be included in the package itself as its dependency, and in a form of a readme for the mojo setup version, or include as local library (then use LD_PRELOAD);

If while running you detect some missing package, you could give a dialog saying what is missing.

So, after that, the best would be if you create packages for all major distributions, so you could have more control of your environments.