Haikarainen 2012年12月7日 14時26分
Feature request; Tray icon, keep mousepointer, copy/paste-issues
I have a few feat. requests /minor bugfixes;
1. Tray icon. I have none in KDE.
2. Mousepointer, whatsup with changing it?
3. Why cant I use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste in Steam?
4. It would be awesome if you integrated your notifications to the environment using dbus!

ArchLinux x86_64, AMD HD 6870 with latest catalyst blobs (from community-testing)
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Sasha 2012年12月7日 14時41分 
I can confirm #1 and #3.

arch, gnome
最近の変更はSashaが行いました; 2012年12月7日 14時42分
.:{dba}:. SleighBoy 2012年12月7日 16時34分 
Tray icon would be nice.
Gentoo w/ KDE 4.9 only minimizes to taskbar.
CowedOffACliff 2012年12月7日 21時45分 
1 and 3 confirmed -- Kubuntu 12.04.1
lexx 2012年12月7日 23時31分 
Kubuntu 12.04, request #1, please )
gnu.}{ 2012年12月8日 4時17分 
1 and 2 confirmed.
4 would be nice.

Debian x86_64, Cinnamon 1.5
Grey Heron 2012年12月8日 18時01分 
Arch Linux i686; KDE 4.9.2

Confirmed 1 (feature request: make use of the last-selected-text clipboard and middle-click paste like most programs do)
2 applies only to the default and resize pointers; text fields, moving windows, and links have the correct pointer.
3 applies only to the embedded browser (other text fields work fine).

As for 4, I'm ambivalent about it for reasons that aren't Valve's fault.
sh4nks 2012年12月9日 13時10分 
#1 and #2 - please fix those issues
#4 would be nice :)

Arch, Cinnamon
最近の変更はsh4nksが行いました; 2012年12月9日 13時11分
benklop 2012年12月10日 16時23分 
1, 2, 3, and 4 totally confirmed on my Kubuntu 12.10 using a 6870 with 12.11 drivers. The mouse cursor change and the missing tray icon are definitely annoying
Hatagashira 2012年12月11日 3時13分 
confirming #1 and #3 for mint 13 with mate, also #4 would be nice but probably not gonna happen since the style wouldn't fit the rest of steam.
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