Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

Feature Request: Stay on Tray
In Microsoft Windows, when Steam is opened, it creates a Icon into System Tray, and when its closed, it wont keep any window opened, instead, it minimizes to system tray. until you go to Steam>Exit.

In linux, we have a software like Steam focused into indie, named Desura. if you close desura, it goes directly to system tray, like this: and wont keep any window opened. having the same behaviour Steam in Windows has.

It is more pratical if stays on tray, and also takes less resources! (And its more beauty =P)

Can steam go to tray when closed and have a icon when opened on linux too?


Even skype can go to tray:

En son Andre Gomes tarafından düzenlendi; 7 Ara 2012 @ 5:08pm