Celebrimbor Jan 19, 2014 @ 5:54am
steam-cli and Steam API
So we have a background service (I don't know what is the correct term) handling the game auth itself and all of those secret stuff, started up by your distro's autostart script, and external programs could communicate to the steam-cli through Steam API, so we could create our own GUI while it still preserves the integrity of Steam.

For example a desktop app that can startup a game while also displaying its game statistics, Pidgin for chat, file manager screenshot integration (don't know sure if it is useful or not), desktop notification of someone invites you into a game, external download manager, automatic torrent download pause, LAN game start broadcast, much tighter operating system integration that makes SteamOS looks just like a normal Linux distribution with Steam Big Picture mode slapped into it

And, of course, if the normal steam is started up while steam-cli is already started up, it could just act as a GUI to the steam-cli