babbybooboo Jul 12 @ 6:44pm
Gmod unplayable on Ubuntu, but not Windows 7 (Same Machine)
I've had an Inspiron N5110 for maybe 4 years now or so, and for 80% of that time I had Windows 7 on it, it came preloaded. A few months ago I switched to Ubuntu 14.04. I removed Unity and lightdm and replaced them with i3 Window Manager. Playing Gmod was alright. On high graphics (which I wasn't able to do when I ran Win7) presumably due to OpenGL, but now I try to play it and it's to the point where I cant move. 1 frame will hang for maybe 10 seconds. Htop is telling me it's maxing out my cpu and ram. I don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden, when just recently it was working fine. Exiting Gmod, everything returns to normal.

My specs are:

4 gb ram
i3-2330M @ 2.2ghz
1gb Intel HD integrated

Appreciate the help.