Ninoslayer 2013年2月25日下午12:21
Lastest Primusrun and Steam Update
I have and nvidia optimus graphic card. After lastest steam and primusrun update primusrun stop working and i could not use optirun too. When i searching thought discoussions i found this one and tried for Cs Source maybe helps:


copy and paste it into launch optionsç
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Relic 2013年2月28日下午11:40 
Unfortunately, that did not solve my Optimus issues :( .
Justin Bieber 2013年3月1日上午3:09 
How can i write it in /etc/environment or /etc/ ?
Relic 2013年3月1日下午2:27 
引用自 FiXIDeA
How can i write it in /etc/environment or /etc/ ?

gksu gedit /etc/environment if I'm not mistaken.
Ninoslayer 2013年3月2日上午5:48 
Guys 2 days after I wrote this thread they have updated both bumblebee and primusrun and it now all fine. Do u have lastest updates and what operation system are u using?
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