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IFo 2013年2月3日 4時06分
Which driver is Steam using?
Recently I installed Fedora 18 x86_64 and I had problems running the linux version of Steam where when I was on Fedora 17 it worked. Today I re-installed my Fedora 18 and it worked but the things I did different was I installed the nvidia official driver at a later point (again blacklisting nouveau) but now I have the mesa files and stuff installed.
So my question is, is steam still using the official nvidia driver and am I good as it is atm with the mesa files?
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towo01 2013年2月3日 4時32分 
Steam is using, what it finds in 32bit.
IFo 2013年2月3日 4時46分 
Is there a chance that steam is using something else other than the official nvidia driver if i have it (the official driver) installed and running? Or if I have the driver up and running and steam running as well it doesn't matter I may have extra 3D 32bit libs like mesa? I am quite confused as for what packages I need and which I don't? Or does it mean everything is ok if I have the driver running and steam working and running?
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Eclectic Lizard 2013年2月4日 19時09分 
You need the nVidia drivers (64bit and 32bit) along with mesa (64bit and 32bit). Certain games also have additions dependencies.
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thedarknite 2013年2月4日 21時24分 
In the client you can go to About | Hardware Information and that will tell you which driver is being used by Steam

But if steam and your games are running that it would seem that your setup has the required libraries, it shouldn't matter if you've got extra libraries installed.
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IFo 2013年2月5日 1時00分 
Thank you very much and yes Steam in Help > System Information does say that I am using the NVIDIA driver!
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