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Depression 2013年2月2日 19時22分
[SOLVED]Primusrun fake launch?
Linux 3.7.5-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT x86_64 GNU/Linux

Running ArchLinux, using Bumblebee & bbswitch on the GeForce GT 630M

When using primusrun to launch Steam or any Steam game, the following information is known:
- The application launches without an issue.
- The output of /proc/acpi/bbswitch remains "OFF"
- The performance of the application remains the same as if it were launched normally, i.e. it is running on Intel HD integrated graphics.

When primusrun is used to launch glxspheres:
- The performance is significantly better than the integrated graphics card.
- glxspheres acknowledges the the Nvidia card as its openGL renderer.
- The output of /proc/acpi/bbswitch is "ON"

No matter what I do to try to launch TF2 using primusrun, it does not appear to use the dedicated card. It always appears to use the integrated graphics.

1) Is there any way to determine from within TF2 what card is being used? (Probably not)
2) Should I disregard the /proc/acpi/bbswitch reading? (It is substantiated by the performance levels, so it's probably right)
3) Is there something I'm missing about using primusrun?

Note: I installed Bumblebee by following the ArchLinux Bumblebee wiki page *to a T*. This is likely the reason I cannot use optirun to start TF2 and instead encounter 'glGetError() not implemented, update your OpenGL' or similar.
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kwahoo 2013年2月4日 9時21分 
glxspheres is 64-bit, while Team Fortress 2 is 32-bit. Have you lib32-primus-git installed?

Primusrun works fine on my system (645m, U12.10 x86-64) both in TF2 and SS3. The output of /proc/acpi/bbswitch is "ON".

I'm using string
Depression 2013年2月4日 13時26分 
Adding the string you use to my own launch commands fixed the issue; /proc/acpi/bbswitch now shows "ON". Thank you!
Not sure how I would have found/figured that out myself, though.
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