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integerforever 2012年12月11日 8時38分
Freezing and missing text on Team Fortress 2
Hello, I am using a NVIDIA Quadro 320m with the 3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.43
proprietary driver on Ubuntu 12.10, and TF2 has missing text on the HUD (sometimes a few letters will show, other times completely blank) and the game froze after about 10 minutes for no apparent reason.

Here's an example of the missing text:
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An Infinite Number of Monkeys 2012年12月11日 13時26分 
I'm seeing this as well. Ubuntu 12.04, 32-bit, nvidia 310.14.
Zehkul 2012年12月14日 6時58分 
Confirmed on Arch64, HD5770 with catalyst 12.11.
So probably not really a nvidia issue. Just had one crash so far …
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evade 2012年12月14日 21時50分 
I've seen the same thing on my Fedora 17 (x86_64) with GeForce 9600 GT using nvidia 304.64 proprietary driver. However for me it is intermittent, I've not been able to determine what causes it.
Timmos 2012年12月16日 9時10分 
Confirmed. Right now I'm under Windows 7, I can't tell if I have the 32 or 64 bit version of Ubuntu. But I have 12.04 and I'm seeing the text like in the provided screenshot.
An Infinite Number of Monkeys 2012年12月17日 5時49分 
@Timmos: You can determine which version you have by looking at the output of "uname -a" which will include the architecture string for the kernel.
Double 2012年12月17日 19時52分 
Try to disable multicore rendering
CASTIRON IV 2012年12月23日 14時55分 
Have the same problem here. GT540m, i5. I'm running Optimus, could this be causing the problems? I'm running the latest Nvidia experimental drivers wtihin the Optimus system, so they're up to date at least.
SUSEd 2012年12月23日 23時05分 
304 and 310 are old drivers. Y U NO 313?
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