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!!!LOL!!! 2014年4月21日 12時04分
garrys mod not working
hello. i got garrys mod for both of my windows pcs and then after enjoying it greatly went and downloaded it on my laptop running linux mint 16. garrys mod downloaded and launches fine but when i try to load a level i can only see some basic details. the rest is just black. please help me sort this problem out because the game clearly sais that you can run it on windows mac and linux/ubuntu.

any help would be much appreciated.

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R3450N 2014年4月21日 22時35分 
This appears to be a problem with your GPU. Please provide the following:

lspci | grep VGA

If NVIDIA, then do:

dpkg -l | grep NVIDIA

If AMD then I can't help you.
!!!LOL!!! 2014年4月27日 12時05分 
never mind. i got it to work by installing ubuntu
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