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NA 6月11日 7時45分
What is a Good Nvidia Graphics Card for Linux?
$100 to $300, give or take.

Curious as to what is a good, solid video card that works harmoniously with Ubuntu (12.04).

For playing most games (don't necessarily need to play the most intensive AAA games).

Would it be better to wait for the next generations of cards to come down in price? (Titan, etc?)

AMD is alright, but I have one of their cards now, and it doesn't seem like dramatic driver improvement for Linux is happening anytime soon (unless I am wrong).

Thank you.
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Oerthling 6月11日 13時16分 
I have played on Linux for ca 7 years now.
Nvidias drivers were consistently good on Linux.
The open source drivers are good for all 3 (AMD, NVidia, Intel) as long as you only need 2D acceleration (desktop, office, video, old games).

When AMD took over ATI a few years ago and soon after that started supporting the open drivers I explicitly got an AMD card to support that. But the drivers took too long to get ready for gaming.
And AMDs proprietary drivers used to be crap on Linux (in my experience).

Just my personal experience - but there's also a lot of people here on the forums who had trouble with AMD cards.
It might well be that AMD is fixing that atm. I keep reading that people now have a better experience with recent drivers on recent cards - so hopefully they really do catch up now.
NA 6月12日 6時15分 
Thanks for relating your experiences. While I'd like to see AMD get back on their feet, how long do you submit bug reports and feedback with no promises for improvement? Time you could be spending playing games? It seems like Nvidia is already at a certain level of quality without much hassle.

I've been interested in the GeForce GTX 750, the 750 Ti and the 760. I'm curious to know if any of these cards are worth it on Linux. And if they significantly improve upon their predecessors. Or if it's best to consider the next generations (800 series, Titan). I'm in no rush, and I can wait months to years.
Kranky K. Krackpot Sr. 6月12日 12時27分 
$100-$300 can buy you very different cards in different parts of the world...
Anyway, look for GTX (i.e. "gamer's") series, not cheap GTs.
Even better ATIs simply dont worth troubles they bring. Strange, in general ATI cooperates better with open source community.
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R3450N 6月12日 14時33分 
The GTX cards are the ones you should aim for if you want Nvidia. I have a GTX and they function very well under both Linux and Windows.
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