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Hedgie 2013年9月4日 14時19分
No open GL support with proprietary drivers
For some reason steam isn't seeing opengl support on my radeon hd 6700 series card. I don't know what's up considering my card is working just fine.
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xDShot™ 2013年9月4日 22時47分 
Have you installed proprietary drivers?
LOLCAT 2013年9月6日 4時59分 
Are you using Fedora? Don't!
Hedgie 2013年9月6日 9時11分 
Yes I was using the proprietary drivers, and was uysing Elementary OS which is based off of Ubuntu 12.04. I'm also running the 64bit verion with the 32bit libs isntalled.
最近の変更はHedgieが行いました; 2013年9月6日 9時16分
LOLCAT 2013年9月6日 9時54分 
Open a terminal and type fglrxinfo. What does it say?
Hedgie 2013年9月6日 10時03分 
Right now my linux install isn't even booting. Looks like I'll need to reinstall the OS real quick.
In fact, I just did and I'm updating now.
最近の変更はHedgieが行いました; 2013年9月6日 10時57分
Hedgie 2013年9月6日 11時16分 
Ok, it seems after reinstalling the OS and getting the latest drivers have cleared up all the issues. HL2 is running fine now.
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