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SUSEd 2013年2月7日 11時30分
From now this game can be installable from Steam.
But it crashes after launching.
After authentication, to be exact.
From now 32-bit version uses Steamworks for auth, its logs in throught Steam and then segfaults.
Here is bug report on github
最近の変更はSUSEdが行いました; 2013年2月7日 11時31分
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A Hungry Hungry Hippo 2013年2月7日 16時59分 
Works fine for me, not sure if they've patched anything in the last few hours though.
Ulrar 2013年2月17日 14時35分 
Same problem here. The game started from Steam segfault, but started from the command line it starts fine in demo mode. One thing though, if I create a file steam_appid.txt with the appid in it, and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/ ./defcon.bin.x86 then it segfault during the Steam auth.
SUSEd 2013年2月19日 11時27分 
Need to use beta version of defcon.
I hope soon update will release.
Ulrar 2013年2月23日 7時50分 
The last update fixed it :)
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