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RobbieThe1st [Linux] Jan 27, 2013 @ 9:46pm
Serious Sam 3: Before First Encounter bugs/glitches
I've been playing SS3:BFE for a while now, and overall it is lovely. It plays smoothly, is extremely fun, and I love it.

That being said, there are some bugs I've noticed.
For one thing, just about every time I close SS3, I see a few errors in the console, yet I'm not sure where to report them.

First off, an interesting texture positioning glitch(I can see through walls!):
I forget the name of the level this is on, but it's right near one of the few places you climb a ladder.
The position-glitch seems to be consistent - it's been in the same spot on two different play-throughs, a few weeks apart.

Also, I found this stuff in my log today:
INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/Menu/Intro.wld' in 0.53 seconds.
ERR: Failed to precache texture Content/SeriousSam3/Models/Vehicles/FrontLoader02/Textures/Wheel_01_CM.tex; it doesn't exist in memory
INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/Menu/MenuLevel.wld' in 0.07 seconds.
WRN: Can't find animation 'Aim_AssaultRifle' in anim host Content/SeriousSam3/Presets/Animations/Player.anh.
INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/01_BFE/11_Ramesseum/11_Ramesseum.wld' in 20.02 seconds.
ERR: Lua error: Attempted function call on a deleted object.
INF: Lua stack traceback:
INF: [C]: ?
INF: [C]: in function SetTacticEntity
INF: [Script entity id = 7702 (Script_3SwitchControl)]:156: in function <[Script entity id = 7702 (Script_3SwitchControl)]:140>
ERR: Failed to precache texture Content/SeriousSam3/Models/Enemies/Gnaar/ZBrushExport/Gnaar_AO.tex; it doesn't exist in memory
INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/Menu/NetricsaLevel.wld' in 2436.60 seconds.
WRN: Standard shader #ObjectAddress(CEffectRenderable, 0x2d003578): Tangent map has to be set!
WRN: inpSysIsMouseAccelerationEnabled: Not yet implemented
ERR: Lua error: [Script entity id = 15587 (Script_Voiceovers)]:77: 'any' is not a valid function or event for objects of type 'COneSpawnedScriptEvent'
INF: Lua stack traceback:
INF: [C]: ?
INF: [Script entity id = 15587 (Script_Voiceovers)]:77: in function <[Script entity id = 15587 (Script_Voiceovers)]:74>
WRN: Only mono sounds can be 3D-positioned; sound 'Content/SeriousSam3/Sounds/Misc/IronGates_Unlock.wav' is not mono! Please fix this.
ERR: Code guard was activated due to application malfunction. Please report.

And here's my Sam3.log file for today:
Unless there's a better place to put them, I figure I'll just keep posting glitch logs here.
Note that, so far, all of this is mainly cosmetic or non-critical; I'm not going to stop playing the game because of it. I just figure it's best you guys know about it.
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