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Sarkie 11. Dez. 2012 um 5:51 Uhr
Issue Report: Killing Floor: Dual Screen
When starting the game, the load dialog isn't centre of the display-0. It is stuck to the far right, it is the same as Steam.

(Post a screenshot tomorrow)
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Shark 5. März 2013 um 1:07 Uhr 
Same issue, what bugs me more is that it disables my second screen when it starts tho.
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Ezekiel 4. Mai 2013 um 11:56 Uhr 
Im using 3 Displays. When i start the game it disables my middle and the right screen. so i have to play it on the left one.. when i close the game i have to manually enable the 2 displays. And i cant set it to windowed mode cause if i set this the game crashes and wont start automaticlly again. -.- im not playing it cause of that. loading the l4d2 beta... i only bought it cause its playable under linux.. and cause of this it isnt for me.

EDIT: after ive configured the Killingfloor.ini file again ive tried to set it to the full resolution (5760x1080). If u start the game it looks pretty ugly :D buuuuuut if u are setting the game back to 1920x1080 (ingame) it holds all displays active.. aaaand it uses my middle display.. Try that on your dual-display system!
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Kano 5. Mai 2013 um 7:32 Uhr 
You can edit the .killingfloor/System/killingfloor.ini and adjust your settings there.
unknown 19. Juni 2013 um 7:28 Uhr 
Same problem, but the game disables my first monitor and uses the second one. Windowed mode works but it is not a solution - mouse isn't captured properly by window and escapes it frequently.

Ursprünglich geschrieben von Ezekiel | Kirito:
Ibuuuuuut if u are setting the game back to 1920x1080 (ingame) it holds all displays active.. aaaand it uses my middle display

Not working for me, game still goes to the second monitor.

Looks like the game choses the first monitor from xrandr output regardless of its position in layout and ignores other monitors disabling them.
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