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Trinity 7 dec 2012 om 5:42vm
Issue: Psychonauts - No download
Psychonauts is in my list of games, I install, it completes instantly and then wont play .. because there are no local files. Removing reinstalling validating all result in the same.
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qwertyuiop924 7 dec 2012 om 7:16vm 
me too
Gardrek 7 dec 2012 om 9:51vm 
Me three. This is probably why it isn;t on the list here:
elmsly 7 dec 2012 om 10:56vm 
This happens to me with Psychonauts, Limbo and Braid. Steam downloads my synced savegames from Windows, but no game files.
niebie 7 dec 2012 om 4:47nm 
Same here. It's not on the official game list, but still shows up in my library. Same with Limbo and Braid for me too. I got those games from the Humble Bundle V, maybe that has something to do with it. Amnesia and Sword & Sworcery EP (from the same bundle) work fine but they are also on the official list.
I also noticed that Psychonauts, Limbo and Braid don't show the disk space requirements in the install dialog.
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Dexcat 7 dec 2012 om 5:26nm 
Hey, I just came here to report the exact same problem! Exact same circumstances, exact same results.

Also, I just found that FTL didn't download either, and I bought that from the Steam Store!
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Kiwi [Fruit Salad] 7 dec 2012 om 5:49nm 
I've got the same problem as well.
ricardobusquet 7 dec 2012 om 6:56nm 
Same problem here too!
Files 8 dec 2012 om 5:16nm 
Here here. Just to let you guys know.
Narlonnus 8 dec 2012 om 5:41nm 
+1 here
BoneHead 8 dec 2012 om 8:39nm 
WooHoo....I'm not alone!!

Same here.
PenguinPro 8 dec 2012 om 11:09nm 
This happens to everyone. We just have to be patient!
powrtoch 9 dec 2012 om 5:54vm 
Guys - use the damn search function.

Psychonauts is not supported yet:
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Trinity 10 dec 2012 om 10:18vm 
You wanna look at the dates on the threads in the search before you be a smart ♥♥♥? The vast majorty post date this thread.
powrtoch 10 dec 2012 om 10:34vm 
Origineel geplaatst door Trinity Dejavu:
You wanna look at the dates on the threads in the search before you be a smart ♥♥♥? The vast majorty post date this thread.
But the problem is the same - missing files.

If you want to make sure developers have seen your problem, bump one of the older threads, so that the forum isn't flooded with the same issues again and again.
Trinity 10 dec 2012 om 12:11nm 
Thank's for the ninja edit deleting the link you posted to the search (which highlithed that this is one of the older threads), how helpful. You have no authority on these boards and no one asked you to hit every thread in sight (in turn bumping everything artificially).

Please understand there is a difference between your perception of ideal forum behavour and actual usage. Telling everyone to use the search over and over in every thread is not helpful as the majority of posters are not regulars and only here to find a specific answer to a specific question. Asking is always easier than searching, attempts to change that behavour are a futile waste of time and skew the forum for everyone else who will just ignore dupes.

Missing files was reported in my OP. The bug isn't that this unsupported game doesn't work, it's that this unsupported game appears in the listing at all and that is something that a dev needs to correct - hence this thread. But hey .. if the devs have any sense they wont touch the forums which are for peer support.

If you don't have anything on topic to add please don't feel the need to increase the signal to noise ratio further. If you're bored, go play a game or something ...
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