Dobby Nov 2, 2013 @ 6:02pm
Garry's Mod: Game controller icon freezes. +Temp Fix
This is a bug affecting many people running Garry's Mod on Linux. When clicking the gamepad controller icon to mount source game content, Gmod becomes unresponsive. There is a temporary workaround here provided by mmirate for those interested:


1) Add the following line to the very end of your garrysmod/html/js/lua.js file:

lua.Run("for _, game in ipairs(engine.GetGames()) do if game.installed and not game.mounted then engine.SetMounted(game.depot, true) end end");.

2) Restart Garry's Mod, minding the massive slowdown on the blue loading screen while games are mounted.

3) Quit, revert the change, and enjoy.

Repeat previous steps after installing new, mountable Source-engine games.

Valve really need to fix this but furthermore the workshop issue. The addons downloading but not actually installing. Deleting addons, disabling cloud sync and reinstalling Gmod doesn't fix it. Everytime you start garry's mod it will attempt to download the addons but not actually install them. The only work around I can think of that I have not tested is to manually unsubscribe from all addons as there is no such option to unsubscribe from them all. I have 48 subscriptions but I have no way of knowing what they're all called so I can only unsubscribe from so many. It's going to be a long process and it may not even work.

Posted just to aid those with the controller issue.