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Rina 2012년 11월 24일 오전 8시 02분
Issue Report: Amnesia launcher window does not show graphics
It shows whatever was behind the window when it was created on my system when launched under steam. I had it already installed from the humble bundle and the launcher window works as intended launching outside of steam. I am using gnome shell as my DE.


System Information:

Processor Information:
Vendor: GenuineIntel
Speed: 3239 Mhz
2 logical processors
2 physical processors
HyperThreading: Unsupported
FCMOV: Supported
SSE2: Supported
SSE3: Supported
SSSE3: Supported
SSE4a: Unsupported
SSE41: Supported
SSE42: Unsupported

Network Information:
Network Speed:

Operating System Version:
Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (32 bit)
Kernel Name: Linux
Kernel Version: 3.2.0-33-generic-pae
X Server vendor: The X.Org Foundation
X Server release: 11103000

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 570/PCIe/SSE2

Driver Version: 4.3.0 NVIDIA 310.14
Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 59 Hz
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0x1086
Number of Monitors: 1
Number of Logical Video Cards: 1
Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Primary Display Size: 20.39" x 12.76" (24.02" diag)
51.8cm x 32.4cm (61.0cm diag)
Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
Primary VRAM: 1279 MB
Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x 16x

Sound card:
Audio device: VIA VT1708S

RAM: 4030 Mb

UI Language: English
Microphone: Not set
Total Hard Disk Space Available: 826248 Mb
Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 92244 Mb

Installed software:

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Finn 2012년 11월 24일 오전 8시 19분 
Could you try running the game through it's own launcher located in ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/<AMNESIA>/

I think the launcher would be a shell (.sh) file.
Rina 2012년 11월 24일 오전 8시 22분 
That works as intended!
Finn 2012년 11월 24일 오전 8시 24분 
Rina님이 먼저 게시:
That works as intended!
Then it's most likely related to this issue that I just reported:
Rina 2012년 11월 24일 오전 8시 26분 
They may be related! In mine nothing is drawn at all, not even the buttons. They are clickable if you know where they are supposed to be though.
elaldogs 2012년 12월 8일 오후 5시 09분 
I had the same issue (blank launcher screen just showing whatever was behind it when executed), and solved it running the game using as suggested by GNU/Leenooks. Thanks!
twobolts 2012년 12월 9일 오전 12시 10분 
Same problem. The launcher doesn't show anything, but click on the "Space" button runs the game with default settings.
wererogue 2012년 12월 12일 오후 1시 54분 
I have the same problem as described by the original poster. Disabling Steam overlay [Steam->Settings->In-Game->Enable Steam Community In-Game] fixes the problem (but that just means I'm no longer beta-testing Steam overlay)
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