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Nevon 2012年11月24日上午3:40
Issue Report: (Trine 2) can't let go of grappling hook with Xbox 360 controller
The game works just fine with the wired Xbox 360 controller, except for the fact that letting go of the grappling hook with the A button doesn't work. The A button works for everything else, except that.
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b0ggyb33 2012年12月9日上午6:14 
Can confirm this. Also my back button is mapped to start, so I can't do any levels up.
Kxtells 2012年12月13日上午11:11 
confirmed also with logitech F510 :-/
An Infinite Number of Monkeys 2012年12月20日上午9:18 
I can confirm this bug as well. The right analog stick click is mapped to the level up, b0ggyb33.
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