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TBallS<ubuntu> 2012年11月24日 2時35分
uploading images to a post? (ss3)
Ive been playing through SS3 and have been taking screen shots when ever i get a glitch, but i dont know how to reliably and usefully post this information?

p.s. the bull in the container, gets stuck.
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C++ 2012年11月24日 5時03分 
Use an external service like imgur, and then post the link to your post like so:

TBallS<ubuntu> の投稿を引用:
p.s. the bull in the container, gets stuck.
I noticed that too, but the bull got out once out of 3 times that I played through that level.
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2012年11月24日 5時16分 
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Use an external service like imgur
or just use Steam’s image hosting? its built into the client :^)
Post the images and describe the problem you think there is, either way it helps them & you.

Haven’t had the bull stuck myself, but that sure would have saved me from hassle, that bit was frustrating :)
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