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Desert Tortoise 2012년 11월 23일 오후 10시 19분
Messaging menu support/App Indicator
Hey all,

First off, awesome job on the initial release. TF2 runs better on my machine than it ever did on Windows 7! Intel SandyBridge drivers and all.

I do have a question -- is Ubuntu messaging menu support planned in the future? It's a great feature that other chat clients make use of, it would be a missed opportunity to add integration at some point.

Also, I installed Steam Linux on a 32-bit machine (running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) and noticed that it has an app indicator. 64-bit machines don't seem to get the same app indicator. Is there a particular reason for this?

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johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2012년 11월 24일 오전 1시 18분 
Yes, it’s because the system doesn’t have a 32 bit library installed for the support
Frank 2012년 11월 30일 오후 2시 27분 
I'll add the Ubuntu messaging support as a request.
Desert Tortoise 2012년 11월 30일 오후 7시 22분 
scott_test123 2012년 12월 2일 오후 3시 24분 
John, thank you for raising this bug on!
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