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NeptNutz 2012. nov. 23. @ du. 3:04
Issue Report: Nagging slow pop-ups in forum
This could just be my amd64 beta 8 purgatory, but the mouse-over pop-ups in the forum are a nagging slow pain!
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ktrl-z 2012. nov. 23. @ du. 3:49 
I have the same issue. I am using Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. Please let me know if you need any more information.
DeathMinister |LAB| 2012. nov. 23. @ du. 7:14 
I'm having this issue as well. It looks like it's already being addressed though in the following topic.
Frank 2012. nov. 30. @ du. 2:17 
This seems to be most common with AMD cards. The only recommendation (albeit, poor) we currently have is to not hover the mouse over post titles.
blackout24 2012. nov. 30. @ du. 2:42 
I have noticed the same with my GTX 580 and 310.19 driver. The popups felt slower than on Windows and covered text that I wanted to read (other thread titles). I took some clicking around in the no-text area to get them to disappear quickly so I could read on.
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