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Guar 2012年11月23日上午11:07
Random Serious Sam 3 appeared?
Installed Steam for Linux and suddenly SS3 appeared in my games. Weird, huh? Not that I'm complaining. Has this happened to anyone else?
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kolomati 2012年11月23日上午11:14 
I think it happened for everyone testing Steam for Linux beta. It's just one of the games ported to Linux on Steam.
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Guar 2012年11月23日上午11:14 
So do we get to keep the game after the test?
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2012年11月23日上午11:17 
No, you get SS3 for the duration of the testing period.
pullasuti 2012年11月23日上午11:55 
Heh. I was a little confused, being sure I had only purchased 1&2. Well, I guess that solves it :)
-generic- 2012年11月23日下午2:39 
I was surprised too. I was half expecting to run into their anti-piracy scorpion :P

Other than the sluggish performance it's working quite well, no crashes or weird behaviour. I'll be buying it at the end of the beta.
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