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Issue report: Serious Sam 3 stuck in "Loading" and has to be killed from term
12.10, almost a fresh install. I own a Asus Zenbook u31a with Intel Graphics.

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Would you: supply your system information from the Steam Help menu, attach the file ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/Serious\ Sam\ 3/Log/Sam3.log
jonas 2012年11月23日 4時22分 
After the orange loading bar has indicated 100% Sam exits fullscreen and is minimized. When I restore it, it's stuck.
Would you humour me and verify the installed files with steam?
AlenL 2012年11月23日 6時44分 
21:22:13 FTL: File signature verification failed. (content/serioussam3/all_01.gro)

^^ I'd say johndrinkwater is spot on. :)
jonas 2012年11月23日 9時09分 
> All files successfully validated

Just barely though!

I will try to reinstall both Steam and Serious Sam.
最近の変更はjonasが行いました; 2012年11月23日 9時09分
So the files passed Steam’s cache validation and you were still having this issue?
jonas 2012年11月23日 11時57分 
That is correct. Let me know if you have any other ideas and I will try 'em out.

Should I file a bug somewhere beyond this board?
If the log is still ending with a FATAL error that the file signature is wrong, either Steam didnt validate it correctly, or its got a faulty checksum, or maybe even your harddisk is failing :)
You could delete the file content/serioussam3/all_01.gro and verify again, it will download again
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1-9 / 9 のコメントを表示
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