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Dylaner 2012年11月17日 12時04分
Issue Report: Steam icon is fuzzy
The Steam icon is provided up to a size of 48x48px — from the looks of it, this icon is straight from the Windows client. This results in a fuzzy Steam icon in many cases: the dash in Unity; the Launcher in Unity if configured to be larger than the default; essentially anywhere in GNOME Shell; the Ubuntu Software Centre (if / when the package shows a Steam icon). Linux desktop software generally assumes that application icons are available at large sizes.

Here are some screenshots:

I think it suffices to say this small icon does not fit in at all.

I suggest borrowing icons from the Mac version of Steam, instead, up to at least 128x128. Any bigger would be lovely, too. We like pretty icons :)
最近の変更はDylanerが行いました; 2012年11月17日 12時05分
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NeoTheFox 2012年11月17日 13時38分 
Nevon 2012年11月17日 13時59分 
Additionally, an svg version of the icon would be nice.
blackout24 2012年11月21日 14時14分 
Changes in the newest client have overwritten the ability to use a custom icon for steam.
This picture shows what it should look like with my Faenza Icon Pack for Gnome (steam.svg) and how it looks like. It's not a dealbreaker but it would be nice to have it back, because some people like a consistent appearance. The icon is in /usr/share/icons/Faenza/Apps/steam.svg and has succesfully overwritten the icon provided by Valve automatically since the release of the first client without me ever doing anything.
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blackout24 2012年11月30日 7時48分 
With the latest update the icon is looking pretty again! Thanks Valve for taking notice of this.
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