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pierre 2012年11月15日 13時45分
Issue Report: XLoadFont failure
$ steam
ILocalize::AddFile() failed to load file "public/steambootstrapper_english.txt".
X Error of failed request: BadName (named color or font does not exist)
Major opcode of failed request: 45 (X_OpenFont)
Serial number of failed request: 12
Current serial number in output stream: 13

From gdb:
Breakpoint 1, XLoadFont (dpy=0x8421b98, name=0x82c5508 "-*-*-medium-r-normal--0-120-*-*-p-0-iso8859-1") at ../../src/LoadFont.c:36

Installed xfonts-100dpi, restarted X (didn't work until then, nor could I pick that font in xfontsel), all good.
最近の変更はpierreが行いました; 2012年11月15日 13時54分
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Frank 2012年11月16日 13時45分 
Pierre, what distribution and desktop environnent are you running? Also, are you able to reproduce this?
OtisJones 2012年11月25日 4時27分 
I can confirm this issue. It happened to me, on Lubuntu 12.10. I had to install the xfonts-100dpi and restart X before I was able to start Steam.
heatsink_ 2012年11月26日 21時34分 
Excellent catch. Duplicated issue with a fresh install of the client on Lubuntu 12.04, installing the package as pierre described resolved the issue.
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