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The Vitruvian Groot 2012년 11월 12일 오후 3시 23분
Issue Report: Buttons with no text
The buttons on the downloads panel (and in a couple other areas) don't display any text.


Processor Information:
Vendor: GenuineIntel
Speed: 2401 Mhz
4 logical processors
2 physical processors
HyperThreading: Supported
FCMOV: Supported
SSE2: Supported
SSE3: Supported
SSSE3: Supported
SSE4a: Unsupported
SSE41: Supported
SSE42: Supported

Network Information:
Network Speed:

Operating System Version:
Ubuntu 12.10 (64 bit)
Kernel Name: Linux
Kernel Version: 3.5.0-17-generic
X Server vendor: The X.Org Foundation
X Server release: 11300000

Video Card:
Driver: Intel Open Source Technology Center Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile x86/MMX/SSE2

Driver Version: 3.0 Mesa 9.0
Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 59 Hz
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0xdf4
Number of Monitors: 1
Number of Logical Video Cards: 2
Primary Display Resolution: 1366 x 768
Desktop Resolution: 1366 x 768
Primary Display Size: 13.54" x 7.64" (15.51" diag)
34.4cm x 19.4cm (39.4cm diag)
Primary VRAM Not Detected

Sound card:
Audio device:

RAM: 3808 Mb

UI Language: English
Microphone: Not set
Total Hard Disk Space Available: 108789 Mb
Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 17875 Mb

Installed software:

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Frank 2012년 11월 12일 오후 3시 52분 
Dane?, which desktop environment are you using?
The Vitruvian Groot 2012년 11월 12일 오후 3시 59분 
Ah sorry. Ubuntu 12.10 w/ Unity
Espion 2012년 11월 24일 오후 1시 58분 
I also have the same problem on 12.10 unity 64 bit. But instead, I have AMD FX-4100 and AMD 6870
Tikii 2012년 11월 24일 오후 3시 48분 
I have this problem as well. On Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome 3 with AMD Radeon HD 6310
SUSEd 2012년 11월 24일 오후 10시 40분 
I have this problem on ubuntu but not on openSUSE.
SnUsGuNnAr 2012년 11월 25일 오전 2시 18분 
I get this sometimes on Ubuntu 12.10 x64 with unity and an Amd 5750 card,
[WOLF] Eversmann 2012년 11월 26일 오전 10시 03분 
Same problem here, Kubuntu 12.10 with NVIDIA 310.19
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