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Г 2012年11月9日 23時11分
Issue Report: Crash (/home/mind/Steam/ line 113: 28068 Segmentation fault)
it just flat-out crashed when i wasn't at my computer, fortunately, i had started it via terminal, so i can give you7 the last few lines of output:
roaming config store 2 saved successfully
CAsyncIOManager: creating I/O worker thread
CAsyncIOManager(0xd41fdb40) missing completion event for thread 0xd3273b40 callback wait
Uploading dump (in-process) [proxy '']
success = yes
response: CrashID=bp-f45e52a1-6c04-4799-86b6-1f5282121109

/home/mind/Steam/ line 113: 28068 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ${DEBUGGER} "${STEAMROOT}"/${PLATFORM}/${STEAMEXE} "$@"
unfortunately, i can't open the .dmp file, is there anywhere i should send it for analysis? thanks!
最近の変更はГが行いました; 2012年11月9日 23時11分
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scott_test123 2012年11月10日 1時25分 
Your crash dump was uploaded to our collection server. We'll take a look. Thanks!
SUSEd 2012年11月10日 10時03分 
/home/mind/Steam/ line 113: 28068 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ${DEBUGGER} "${STEAMROOT}"/${PLATFORM}/${STEAMEXE} "$@"
I get it when launch Big Picture mode.
LinuxFanatic[Russia] 2012年11月24日 8時49分 
All core dumps sent automatically by Steam? Is it necessary send them to Valve manually???

I got some crashes just when downloading TF2 on notebook...
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