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PsyBlade 2012년 11월 9일 오전 5시 30분
Issue Report: copy/paste not working as usual
Highlighting text to copy and pressing mouse3 (middle) to insert does not work.
Thats the common way to do copy/paste in X11.
This generally does not need to be implemented in an application,
instead it is provided by default through X11 or the toolkit (not sure which).

edit: I'm using kde on 12.10 x64
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This would be a nice feature to add, to get platform parity.
Basically by default text selection is automatically put onto the mouse clipboard.
vodik 2012년 11월 9일 오전 8시 29분 
On top of this, it seems like ctrl+c/ctrl+v aren't working inside the webbrowser here. I have to do it through the rightclick menu.
MacEff 2012년 11월 11일 오후 4시 12분 
I'd like to confirm I'm having the same problem with ctrl+c/ctrl+v as vodik, with the addition that my problem isn't limited to the web browser - I can't use the keyboard shortcuts to copy any text from steam or paste into any text boxes but right click -> copy/paste works as usual.

I'm using Unity on Ubuntu 12.04 32bit.
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2012년 11월 12일 오전 4시 06분 
However I can add that ctrl+a does work.
Frank 2012년 11월 12일 오후 3시 17분 
Thanks for the info.
dfo 2012년 12월 8일 오후 9시 51분 
I'm using ubuntu 12.10 (64 bit) and also experiencing unusual copy and paste. I can highlight, right click, and select copy/paste and it will work fine, but when I use CLTR+V/C it fails.
Bubba HoTep 2012년 12월 18일 오후 2시 04분 
It's a nice platform specific feature to add the text selection/middle click X11 style copy and paste commands to Steam. We believe that for now we'd like to keep the behaviors as close as possible to the other versions of Steam, so we won't be supporting that in this first release.

Still looking into the ctrl-v,c stuff for the embedded html...
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