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Frank 6 nov 2012, ore 11:17
Steam for Linux Limited Beta Release Notes
The latest Release Notes ( can be found at our steam-for-linux public repository[].
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Frank 8 nov 2012, ore 17:31 
I updated the Release Notes with information on installing on Kubuntu.
Cyan-Senpai 16 nov 2012, ore 20:42 
Hmmm almost ALL games i get a black screen Except SPAZ
Dusty0 18 nov 2012, ore 10:23 
Messaggio originale di Cyanogen101:
Hmmm almost ALL games i get a black screen Except SPAZ

Have you tried:

export LANG=C; steam
Frank 19 nov 2012, ore 18:56 
Initial content for this thread has been updated with information about the latest AMD graphics card driver release.
Frank 26 nov 2012, ore 10:39 
Release notes have been updated with information about currently supported games.
GER | tuxator 27 nov 2012, ore 7:36 
Hey Frank, why is Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 missing on that 'supported games' list? I'm playing it just fine under Linux/Steam.
Frank 27 nov 2012, ore 17:02 
My bad, it's on there now. Nice catch!
Batou 30 nov 2012, ore 3:54 
Hi, maybe there should be a Network section describing the dependencies on network services that need to be running? I don't use GNOME or KDE, and don't use NetworkManager. Use Awesome [] as my window manager and run wicd [] as the network manager. Running Ubuntu 12.10.

Running steam on command line gives:

[1130/] Failed to call method: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files
[1130/] PAC support disabled because there is no system implementation
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Kahinee 30 nov 2012, ore 4:10 
Are there any problems I should be aware of when using XFCE?
Gnugs 30 nov 2012, ore 16:54 
Messaggio originale di N. Amon:
Are there any problems I should be aware of when using XFCE?

I'm using XFCE and haven't encoutered any problems that seem specific to that environment. My framerate is slower now in TF2 than it was in windows but only when a high number of effects/particles are visible so I suspect that is due to something else.
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 1 dic 2012, ore 8:38 
Recommendation for joystick support in Big Picture / games, remove xserver-xorg-input-joystick if you had it installed, as it makes the joystick control the cursor *as well* as being used as a joystick.
Neutron 1 dic 2012, ore 11:42 
Does Steam use gdebi internally or just for installation on Kubuntu? If not, I'd suggest to leave gdebi out of this and use Kubuntu's own qapt-deb-installer instead.

(File manager) Dolphin's suggestions for debs are to Open With either QApt Installer or Ark though I'm not entirely sure if it is the default behaviour or something I've set myself in the past.
Frank 6 dic 2012, ore 12:30 
Updated the Release Notes with some links to the support topic and minor editing.
mruuh 6 dic 2012, ore 16:42 
Regarding the KDE desktop effects advice, isn't a usable solution to enable "Suspend desktop effects on fullscreen windows" option? It can be found in systemsettings/Desktop Effects/Advanced.
Junior 6 dic 2012, ore 18:31 
It has native support for 64-bit Ubuntu now?
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