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juanjo_vlc 2013年1月28日 12時35分
Amnesia purchased on Ubuntu Software Center
Hi, I've purchased Amnesia on Ubuntu Software Center long time before joininig Steam for Linux, I added it to my library, but I'd like it to show as any other Steam game. Is it possible?
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Olorin 2013年1月28日 15時18分 
As a link, or fully integrated?
juanjo_vlc 2013年1月29日 15時22分 
I added it to my library as a link. I don't have any license number or key to add it as fully integrated. Is there another way?
stateq 2013年1月31日 9時26分 
You could possibly ask the developers (Frictional Games) for a steam key. I'm sure they will have no problem giving you one, since you already purchased the game.
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