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Rob 2013년 1월 6일 오후 10시 47분
TF2 on Debian lags badly, yet Ubuntu with the same driver and it can max.
I despise and hate ubuntu, I have used Debian and FreeBSD for years. It wasn't long before I was fed up with Ubuntu and moved back to Debian to set up steam and all is well, the only problem is that it lags like hell unless everything is at lowest and the resolution is 800x600 and windowed. Yet on Ubuntu I could max everything and at 1360x768 without a problem. I'm using nvidia's proprietary driver for the 9500GT as I were in Ubuntu. Has anyone got any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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penguinvasion 2013년 1월 7일 오전 12시 35분 
Are you sure you have the exact same setup on both OSes? Ubuntu might have a newer version of the driver. Can you verify that the driver is exactly the same?

You can try doing some benchmarks on both OSes and compare the difference.
Rob 2013년 1월 7일 오전 1시 38분 
The driver is exactly the same, I don't see a reasonable motive to get a bench mark on both. I rid Ubuntu for Debian anyway, I tried messing around with the nvidia settings as the sticky mentioned to disable an option to increase performance but it hasn't affected it at all.
dave 2013년 1월 7일 오전 5시 52분 
Most likely the glx drivers aren't properly installed on your Debian system. Try running the following command: glxinfo | grep ^OpenGL

Vendor should be Nvidia, and the version string is the driver version.

If you don't see this, then you're missing the glx drivers for Nvidia. Type in the following command to install them: "apt-get install nvidia-glx". If you're running 64 bit Debian, you may as well install the i386 version of the drivers as well, since TF2 is undoubtedly 32 bit (apt-get install nvidia-glx:i386)
Rob 2013년 1월 7일 오전 6시 15분 
I'm using 32bit version of Debian Wheezy fully up to date.

OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 9500 GT/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW!
OpenGL version string: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 310.19
OpenGL shading language version string: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
OpenGL extensions:

That's what that returned, 310.19 is the latest. I'm trying to think what else I can do, I tried setting the nvidia setting's app to work towards performance over quality and hardly a difference.
Plagman 2013년 1월 12일 오전 10시 49분 
Hi Robby,

What desktop environment / window manager / desktop effects are you using on both machines?

- Pierre-Loup
Rob 2013년 1월 16일 오전 6시 31분 
I use Fluxbox, no eyecandy on either of them.
Bepis 2013년 1월 16일 오후 1시 22분 
I had the same problem on my Arch, now I moved to Kubuntu and no issues aside from the TF2 port being some major♥♥♥♥♥♥for anyone into the game, due to the lack of raw input and slow loading times.
Rob 2013년 1월 17일 오전 5시 16분 
I made a duelboot, I despise Ubuntu but I have it there simply for whenever I get bored and wish to play TF2.
jmh 2013년 1월 17일 오전 7시 28분 
If running debian 6 update to wheezy.
instabilis 2013년 1월 17일 오후 4시 54분 
Do you have the 32bit libboost packages installed?
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