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Trancos (´・ω・`) Jan 2, 2013 @ 5:28am
Issue: FTL - Screen goes black when friends become online
To begin with, the whole steam interface seems not to be working. Then, whenever a friend becomes online, I have to alt-tab like frenzy because the game stops working, until I'm left at the desktop and can return to the game. One time I wasn't fast enough and the screen simply became black, the game music still running in the background. Had to kill the process from another session. I don't really know why this happens, since Idon't have a lot of technical expertise D: This happens, of course, while playing in fullscreen. I hope this is the right place to "report" these stuff!

Running on an Dell Inspiron 1545, with Linux Mint 13 64-bit.

Processor : Intel Core2Duo P8600 @ 2.40 Ghz
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300 series