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Mixu 22. dec 2012 kl. 8:15am
Issue Report: pending chat conversation is not shown and main window not accessible if closed
Arch Linux from here, with latest package from AUR, and using Gnome 3.

Yesterday was watching a film in fullscreen when I received a message from chat ( I saw the popup in the lower right corner of the screen), when I close the film and went to look for the conversation... there was no window open, and on the friend list there wasn't any indicator about it.

Also... if you close with the X button the main window, it's quite difficult to reopen again.

I don't know in any other DE or WM, but in Gnome3 happens this.

PS: I posted this in the general discussion forums:
Feel free to close/delete that post. Sorry.
Steam for Linux > Limited Beta > Emneoplysninger