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Frank 2012年12月19日 16時16分
New Location for Steam for Linux Bugs
Bug tracking for the Steam for Linux beta client has been moved to GitHub. The Steam for Linux beta now has a public repository and an issue tracking system for creating or browsing bugs related to Steam for Linux. You will need an existing GitHub account[] to create a new bug[].
For more information on creating a new bug, see, located in the public repository.
最近の変更はFrankが行いました; 2012年12月19日 17時30分
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V10lator 2012年12月21日 1時11分 
Will bugs reported in the past but not yet handled here will be investigated or do we have to re-create the reports at GitHub?
Frank 2012年12月21日 12時24分 
Currently, our primary focus is on the steam-for-linux issue tracker. I recommend that you search the issue tracker for your issue. If it exists, provide any useful information (or just the original issue URL) in a comment. If it doesn't, create a new issue and provide the URL for the original issue.
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