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TastyPi 2012年12月19日下午1:41
Issue Report: Shank 2 is currently being downloaded on my system despite not being available
So I got Shank 2 in the Humble Indie Bundle 7, and clicked "next" when asked if I wanted to install, expecting none to install. However, Shank 2 is currently being downloaded onto my system, despite it clearly saying "Shank 2 is not available for your platform." I'll let you know what is actually downloaded when its finished, for now a screenshot for evidence
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TastyPi 2012年12月19日下午1:49 
I just had a peek in the Shank 2 SteamApps folder, and theres a DirectX folder plus a load of dlls, so its downloading the WIndows version.
TastyPi 2012年12月19日下午2:02 
And finished, but I can't play it because theres no play button, and double clicking brings up an error dialog.
fortitou 2012年12月19日下午2:03 
The same applies to the binding of Isaac
drjoms 2012年12月19日下午3:04 
Shank download started automatically.
Jidlaph 2012年12月19日下午3:09 
@drjoms: Yes, that's the problem. Shank2 doesn't get added to the Library, and the version that is downloaded is for Windows.
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ReAzem 2012年12月19日下午3:44 
Is it going to be availible for linux on steam?
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