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TastyPi 2012年12月19日 13時41分
Issue Report: Shank 2 is currently being downloaded on my system despite not being available
So I got Shank 2 in the Humble Indie Bundle 7, and clicked "next" when asked if I wanted to install, expecting none to install. However, Shank 2 is currently being downloaded onto my system, despite it clearly saying "Shank 2 is not available for your platform." I'll let you know what is actually downloaded when its finished, for now a screenshot for evidence
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TastyPi 2012年12月19日 13時49分 
I just had a peek in the Shank 2 SteamApps folder, and theres a DirectX folder plus a load of dlls, so its downloading the WIndows version.
TastyPi 2012年12月19日 14時02分 
And finished, but I can't play it because theres no play button, and double clicking brings up an error dialog.
fortitou 2012年12月19日 14時03分 
The same applies to the binding of Isaac
drjoms 2012年12月19日 15時04分 
Shank download started automatically.
Jidlaph 2012年12月19日 15時09分 
@drjoms: Yes, that's the problem. Shank2 doesn't get added to the Library, and the version that is downloaded is for Windows.
最近の変更はJidlaphが行いました; 2012年12月19日 15時09分
ReAzem 2012年12月19日 15時44分 
Is it going to be availible for linux on steam?
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