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Keiro Dec 19, 2012 @ 10:03am
Issue Report: Retrieve a Lost Account does not work as intended
I needed to change my e-mail linked to the account so I could continue receiving Steam Guard codes.

So, I click Retrieve Lost Account... and get this:

Notice the tiny Retriev... image in front of this post in that screenshot?

That's the Retrieve account dialog... and there's no way I can resize it. :|

Interestingly, clicking Retrieve Lost Account again after cancelling the dialog now shows it correctly... but perhaps there's an issue that needs to be looked into there?

I don't know if it's reproducable, but I thought I should bring it up, just in case.

OS: Linux Mint 14 Nadia, with Cinnamon.

Edit: I'm unable to reproduce it after restarting Steam and going through the process. It seems to work correctly now, as if it needed to be clicked and cancelled in order for it to resize itself accordingly... though I know I won't ever receive the e-mail for verification so long as my domain remains in redemption status until I renew it on Jan 2nd... hence the attempt to change the e-mail. Unfortunately... Steam Support has yet to respond to me, so... I decided to try this route and encountered that.
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Keiro Dec 19, 2012 @ 2:23pm 
With Steam's support techs, I was able to get back into my account.

... So the Lost Accounts stuff seems to work as it should in Linux, which is a relief.

Still though, I'm wondering what caused that odd display when I initially started the retrieve account stuff...
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