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Psychojau TESO + PVP = BONHEUR Dec 16, 2012 @ 1:59pm
Error: Material "fullscreenvideomaterial" uses unknown shader "Bik"

When I try to launch Team Fortress 2, It displays a black sreen, then the terminal says :
Could not load chromehtml library.IDirect3DDevice9::Create: BackBufWidth: 1920, BackBufHeight: 1080, D3DFMT: 3, BackBufCount: 1, MultisampleType: 0, MultisampleQuality: 0
Error: Material "fullscreenvideomaterial" uses unknown shader "Bik"
Here is my Dump[]

[edit] I forgot : I'm under Ubuntu 12.04 with recent updates. I have a MSI Nvidia 560GTX-448 and I'm using the experimental proprietary driver 310.

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scraze Dec 23, 2012 @ 5:45am 
Seemed to have the same problem, then came upon titled "TF2 dont start gentoo (SOLVED - remove all symbolic link to the way the game)". I had one symlink from ~/.local/share/Steam/ to /otherpartition/path/Steam/ and one from /otherpartition/path/Steam/SteamApps to /otherpartition/otherpath/SteamApps/; after removing the latter (removing the symlink /otherpartition/path/Steam/SteamApps and moving the real SteamApps directory to its proper place), it just launched. So if you have symlinks somewhere between Steam/ and Steam/psychojau/Team\ Fortress\ 2\ Beta, chances are you can fix it that way. I suspect the problem is somewhere in TF2/ which determines the game root in the first line, but sadly that file is replaced every time TF2 is launched from Steam so I couldn't fiddle around with it.
Hope this works for you. Good luck!
Psychojau TESO + PVP = BONHEUR Jan 8, 2013 @ 11:35am 

I was blind lol, I just had to move the entire .local/share/Steam and Make the symb link .steam/steam to it. I needed my holydays lol !

Ho, and Happy new year everyone !
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