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chris.anderson 2012年12月12日上午10:45
Open gl , extension missing
I this error;.. Required OpenGL Extension 'GL_ext_texture_sRGB_decode' is not supported. Please update your OpenGL driver"

My card is AMDhd 6800 series,
opengl version 4.2.11627

Amy help would be appreciated.


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Hi Son 2012年12月12日上午10:53 
what drivers you using? amd or ubuntu via jockey?
chris.anderson 2012年12月12日上午11:26 
ubuntu 12.4.1 LTS.

The proprietary drivers;FGLRX

chris.anderson 2012年12月13日下午9:05 
Bump for help..
skully 2012年12月14日上午1:58 
Hi chris,Ubuntu 12.04 install (via jockey) the catalyst 12.04,too old.
For install the new driver follow this guide:

Good luck man :)
lordheavy 2012年12月14日上午4:19 
Also mesa-9.0 at least should work fine
Tipo 2012年12月14日上午5:30 
Chris, read the Getting started guide, you are using the old drivers that ship with ubuntu by default.

By enabling a set of repositories you can get access to the Beta drivers.

Again: read the getting started guide
chris.anderson 2012年12月14日上午9:52 
i will try that..
'nzino's 2012年12月15日上午3:42 
'Mornin' all!
I get the same error message. I installed my proprietary fglrx drivers correctly and they are up and running. I'm googling for some solutions. In the meantime, could someone give me a hint?
Mcraia 2012年12月15日上午3:54 
Try xorg-edgers ppa or install the beta drivers from the AMD-site. No guarantees.

Steam System Information (under Help, topmenu Steam) gives us more details than the 2 lines.

Also, searching "GL_ext_texture_sRGB_decode" before posting might give more help sooner.
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Steam for Linux > Limited Beta > 主题详情
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