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Steef ^-^ 2012年12月10日 8時03分
"NO CONNECTION" After reconnecting to the internet
Hi all,

When I left my computer it was downloading a game(TF2) and I had my friend list open, the game was downloading well, I surely had internet connection.
After a while my internet adapter was disconnected from the computer, so I had no internet connection.
Steam also tells me so, by the usual messages in the bottom of every window and the message in the Friends window.

When I inserted my adapter again, I had internet connection again and the game started to download again.
I could see that by the info in the Downloads section of the library, which was open all the time.
But Steam still thought I had no connection, the message in the bottom of the window continued to warn me and I had no connection to the Steam network(Friend list).

Here's a screenshot[]

I don't think it's related to the bug, but I'm running (X)Ubuntu 12.10 64bit.

I will try to reproduce this bug, did someone else also have this problem?

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Sphinx of Uthuun 2012年12月10日 8時05分 
it says "No Connection" while i am surfing internet. but it regocnizes its mistake quickly. there is still some weird bugs
noneofthem 2012年12月10日 8時10分 
I had the exact same thing earlier today. It turned out it was either my internet connection or the Steam server on the other end. Anyway, things seem to be working again. Downloading the rest of TF2 right now at 1.2 MB/S.
Steef ^-^ 2012年12月10日 8時10分 
Hmm, I just tried it again(to reproduce the bug) by just pulling the adapter out of my computer(after restart when it was downloading well), but this time it did tell me I have connection again BUT now my game isn't downloading(*facepalm*).

Last time my adapter stopped working because my monitor went to standby, and my adapter is plugged in my monitor(if that makes sense), I'm not sure if it's related anyhow(guess not).
最近の変更はSteef ^-^が行いました; 2012年12月10日 8時11分
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