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Arxcis 2012年12月10日 7時51分
Issue Report: Steam dekstop UI window bug
When I bring up the friends tab in front of the main steam window, and try to click on anything within the tab, it disappears behind the steam window. I have to close down all other windows before i can operate the friends tab. This happens in both Ubuntu 12.04 - Unity and in Linux Mint - Cinnamon. Please comment if you've experienced this.
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radberry Lee 2012年12月10日 10時21分 
I have the same issue. Friends list window should be placed above other windows when it is bringing up. This issue also appears in menu:
View -> Friends
View -> Servers
View -> Screenshots
View -> Settings
Steam -> Settings
X'grnsxs 2012年12月10日 10時54分 
On my Kubuntu 12.04 LTS I don't have this problem. Opening the friends tab makes it appear in background, but once I klicked to get it activated and foreground, I can use it like any other window.
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