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fkrauthan 2012年12月8日 18時35分
Issue Report: Download stops after buying a game
I've started downloading Amnesia. While the download is running I switched to the Shoo and bought Trine2. Directly after my purchase I installed it. Now Trine2 is download but Amnesia stopped downloading. It still says download rate 1,1MB/s. But Status says paused. But the icon where I can pause or resume a download still shows the pause icon.
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Bugamn 2012年12月8日 18時54分 
I think this isn't a Linux problem, but a downloading problem. Something similar happens with me in Windows too: while downloading more than one game, it might happen that some games will be suspended while the others are downloaded.
fkrauthan 2012年12月8日 23時42分 
Hmm could be but should be fixed :D
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