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LinuxFanatic[Russia] 2012年12月8日下午12:46
Issue Report: friend list window appears below main Steam window
Every time I press friends list - I see it below. To see it's contents I must press in taskbar. I think this is not intended to be.

My DE - KDE 4.9.2.

Steam GUI bugs still numerous. You just trying to repeat work, which is finished in all GUI toolkits such as Qt and others.
I'm writing GUI software for Linux many years on Qt - I've never seen such huge amount of GUI problems across operating systems... In my Qt-based software I don't see any differences in Windows or Linux GUI behaviour. You can even set Steam-like theme for Qt-programs...

I think next version of Steam GUI definitely should be based on Qt or something similar...
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LinuxFanatic[Russia] 2012年12月9日上午8:58 
I just installed ubuntu-desktop package to check out whether some problems still happening on Unity DE (which is primary for Steam developers). Popup windows behaves correctly on Unity but closing on KDE spontaneously.

Also, friend list window just rendering above Steam's main windows, but when you click on it - you see that you pressed on main windows... so, friends list on Unity - it's a illusion. You should use Alt+Tab to get real friend list...

Why so many GUI bugs??? It's insane...
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