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Dan Hibiki 2012년 12월 8일 오전 8시 55분
Issue Report: Can't type the ç character on Steam
I'm unable to use the ç character in any part of Steam using the "English (US, alternative international)" keyboard layout on Ubuntu 12.04. The default keypress to it is ' (apostrophe/acute accent) + c in every window on Ubuntu, but on Steam it shows ć instead.
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SUSEd 2012년 12월 8일 오전 8시 58분 
Do you tried to paste this character?
Dan Hibiki 2012년 12월 8일 오전 8시 59분 
Yes, that's the only way I was able to post it here (I'm using the Steam client to browse this forum).
SUSEd 2012년 12월 8일 오전 9시 05분 
Maybe its because hotkeys doesnt work in steam (like ctrl-c or something).
TakeALenny 2012년 12월 8일 오전 9시 07분 
Yes, keyboard shortcuts don't work (try ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+a, etc)
[RZ] nake (linux) 2012년 12월 8일 오전 9시 35분 
I have a Spanish keyboard and I can, but I use ibus to write in japanese and I noticed that it does not work.
Maybe it's related to ibus and similar
Sir Garbagetruck 2012년 12월 8일 오전 10시 39분 
I _normally_ use the English (US, alternative International) keyboard, but as my gaming keyboard has no | key (but it does have the ><| key) I went with the US International W/Dead Keys option. It is SIMILAR, and it is placing the diacriticals on top of the a for suomi ... i.e. ä and ö . (Which are normally " and a or o.) On THIS keyboard layout, the ç is altgr-comma. I know changing keymaps is VERY difficult, but it does seem (at least here on Lubuntu / Quantal) that the diacriticals work with keymaps and the steam app.
Sir Garbagetruck 2012년 12월 8일 오후 6시 22분 
Update: I have discovered that in the ingame overlay, the keymap is NOT used. That means, in my case, that I cannot type ä or ö - OR " or ' - as those are "combining" keycodes in my keymap. So it appears that the keymap is used for anything using the webkit engine - but anything NOT using the webkit engine, and it's own key reading routines, is confused by non-US keymaps. (Valve programmers/testers: You'll be happy to know that the US-International keymaps keep the (, ), [, ], and similar important keys in the same spot, but you'll be able to type accents for testing.)
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