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Dalek Sec 2012年12月8日 5時31分
KDE issue: mouse theme isn't applied
Okay, so I'm running Steam under Kubuntu 12.04.1, and I have somewhat of a problem. The mouse pointer appears to be oriented for the left-handed setup, besides it's some pointer from completely elsewhere, not in my theme at all. This is a minor issue, but I'd still like to see it fixed. Screenshots[] of what I mean.
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AsciiWolf 2012年12月8日 5時44分 
This can be fixed by setting the default system cursor theme.

edit: I'm such a dumb. Sorry, I didn't realize this fix works only for Gnome...
最近の変更はAsciiWolfが行いました; 2012年12月8日 5時46分
Paranoia 2012年12月9日 5時57分 
I have the same problem on Kubuntu 12.10
Funny thing is that the problem persists after I close Steam, (i.e. the cursor changes to "steam-style" when opening sub-menus in some applications like Firefox ...)
#ff0000 2012年12月9日 6時22分 
The same problem for me. Kubuntu 12.10 (x64)
obedlink 2012年12月9日 10時56分 
The same problem for me too. Kubuntu 12.04.1 (x32) and Kubuntu 12.10 (x64)
Knnniggit 2012年12月9日 11時58分 
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