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Abyssus 2012 12 月 7 @ 7:56上午
[Bug] Killing floor and steam notification
Hi guys,today i received the beta for steam,i install killing floor and the game run really really good,but when appear a notification of steam (about my friend or achievement) there is a drop of fps and i cant play because cursor it's bugged,i hope they fix this bug if possible,bye ;)
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Bloody Foxy 2012 12 月 9 @ 1:52上午 
I have the same problem. And also If I'm playing in foolscreen mode it goes into window and It's hard to get back to game.
Abyssus 2012 12 月 10 @ 6:02上午 
Hi foxy,i resolve (more or less) this problem,disable the notification on steam option,try ;)
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