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Abyssus 2012년 12월 7일 오전 7시 56분
[Bug] Killing floor and steam notification
Hi guys,today i received the beta for steam,i install killing floor and the game run really really good,but when appear a notification of steam (about my friend or achievement) there is a drop of fps and i cant play because cursor it's bugged,i hope they fix this bug if possible,bye ;)
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Bloody Foxy 2012년 12월 9일 오전 1시 52분 
I have the same problem. And also If I'm playing in foolscreen mode it goes into window and It's hard to get back to game.
Abyssus 2012년 12월 10일 오전 6시 02분 
Hi foxy,i resolve (more or less) this problem,disable the notification on steam option,try ;)
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