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Erik Chendo 2012年12月7日上午7:00
I am now a beta test ?
I recived this email:
"Welcome to the "Steamlinuxbeta" mailing list"

Welcome to the mailing list!
Welcome to the Steam for Linux limited beta!


Is this the access ?
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Norrius 2012年12月7日上午7:03 
Finn 2012年12月7日上午7:04 
Please search the forums. This has been asked several times.

But yes, yes you are.
Anime4000 2012年12月7日上午7:04 
you can see your game list :) for linux is there.
luke 2012年12月7日上午7:10 
Sweet. Will get to testing within due time.
Erik Chendo 2012年12月7日上午7:19 
I'm going testing now when i comeback my PC's home
The steam is running on 64 bits ?
zenn22 2012年12月7日上午7:31 
that email was worded very strangely i wasn’t sure if i was a beta tester or just on some kind of list that meant i might get the beta soon? it should have been titled "you are a beta tester"
Fusl 2012年12月7日上午7:35 
It already says:

Information about installing and getting started can be found here:

-> about installing <-
mikeym 2012年12月7日上午7:37 
If you can start steam without the workaround then you're in. There's not that much difference depending on the games you already owned. Unfortunately SS3: BFE is no longer in the beta - they decided it was ready for release. Mainly it's access to the Limited beta forum.
Kai 2012年12月7日上午7:47 
Ah yes, Finally. Shame I've uninstalled linux becouse of lack of steam. When I reinstall my oses and redo dualboot ill do thios
Maybe tomorrow huh

Thanks Valve!
risa-beat-box 2012年12月7日上午8:22 
No entiendo mucho el ingles pero por lo visto era lo mismo que iva a preguntar yo :A , a probar juegos se a dicho lastima que estoy en examenes finales de la facultad :'(
The Moep 2012年12月7日上午8:24 
引用自 Erik Chendo
The steam is running on 64 bits ?

No, Steam is yet for 32-bit only. So you have to get 32bit libs or get an 32-bit linux running (for example with chroot or such things)
AlenL 2012年12月7日上午8:32 
引用自 mikeym
SS3: BFE is no longer in the beta - they decided it was ready for release.
We didn't decide it out of beta/ready for release yet. :) We just:

1) had to cut down the number of users as we cannot handle the number of incoming new bug reports (many of which are becoming redundant). We are still working on fixing and improving it.
2) wanted to see how many people actually bought it / will buy it on Linux. (Consider it beta-testing the commercial viability. ;) )
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Steam for Linux > Limited Beta > 主题详情
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